Cat In The Hat- Child Accessory Kit – Accessories & Makeup

Why to Buy Children Hair Accessories for Girls

Cat In The Hat- Child Accessory Kit - Accessories & Makeup

    • Polyester
    • This Cat in the Hat costume accessory kit includes a striped hat
    • red bow tie and white gloves.
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 Many young girls like to play games where they pretend to be adults and do “adult things”. This may include dressing up in their mum’s clothes and playing with hair and make-up accessories, but some mothers worry about their children growing up too fast. Hair accessories for girls can be the perfect way to give your daughter a really pretty new look without over-sexualising her.

Fun hair accessories for girls, such as a tiara covered in colourful diamantes or a sparkly plastic crown, which can be clipped into the hair as a fancy dress item, are a good way to make your child feel really grown up, whilst still allowing her to be a child. A crown or tiara will also make your child feel like a real life princess! If your daughter is more of a tomboy, you can always buy other accessories, such a pirate hats or Native American feather headdresses.

Hair braiding tools and kits are a good hair accessory that your daughter can share with her friends. Kits come with coloured cotton and full instructions on how to create a range of different braided styles. Some kits will also come with a special braiding tool to making adding braids and twists to the hair easier than ever. Once your child has learnt how to braid, they will be able to add different coloured streaks to their hair, without the need for dyes or chemicals. Braids are very simple to remove and will not damage the hair at all if done correctly. The best thing is that once the cotton that came along with the kit has run out, you can easily buy more, in whichever colours you wish, from your local sewing or craft shop.

A cute hair band is a good way to keep your daughter’s hair out of her eyes, especially if she has a fringe or is trying to grow her fringe out. Hair bands are available in lots of bright colours and patterns, so you can buy one to suit your child’s personality, or buy a whole set so that they can mix and match. Hair ribbons are also good hair accessories for girls, which can be mixed and matched with clothing. If your daughter has a checked dress, for example, buy checked ribbons to match. Tie the hairs up with an elastic hair tie first then put a ribbon over the top of an extra secure hold.

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Our economy Child set includes: Red & White striped stovepipe hat, Red bow tie and White gloves. This is an officially licensed product from the movie “Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat” 2003 Universal Studios and DreamWorks LLC. Based on The Cat in the Hat